TERMS & CONDITIONS      DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-170084 Series of 2023

  1. Pedigree 6 Week Challenge (“Contest”) is run by Mars Philippines, Inc. (“Organizer”) and managed by Agency partner QL Tech and runs from 20th June 2023 to midnight on 11th November 2023 (“Contest Period”).
  2. To participate in the Contest, users/participants (“Participants/You”) have to first register themselves on the Pedigree Philippines website and submit the required details.
  3. Once registered the pet parent will get the discount coupon for first time purchase on pedigreeclub.ph for Dry product only. And first purchase is mandatory to join the Contest.
  4. Once registered and once the first purchase has been made, and Participants have elected to join the Contest, Participants will be contacted on Email or/and Viber and they will be told more about the Contest and the things to do during the Contest Period.
  5. To be eligible for the Contest, Participants need to have a valid Email /Viber account throughout the Contest Period. Once Participants have Viber/Email, they shall also be governed by the terms of the services of Viber.
  6. Pet parents need to post photos/videos on Facebook/Instagram with #PedigreePH6weekschallenge & tag Pedigree Philippines also Upload the details in google form link (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdsae2lgQvnPldeZ1q6A07s-X7zWg9Bgkl4Wf0nweAa8H41Bw/viewform)
  7. Any entries, which in Organizer’s sole opinion are irrelevant for any reason, or obscene, vulgar or otherwise may offend the public will be disqualified.
  8. The Contest will comprise 2 levels of prizes:

8.1. Weekly Prize – 1 winner will be chosen weekly (“Weekly Winner”), throughout the Contest Period. The selection of this Weekly Winner is dependent on the quality and nature of images/videos the Organizer receives during the week in question. The entry received must be fun, engaging, and innovative, and relate to the theme of the specific week in the Participant’s individual 6 Week Journey in the Contest.  Only one winner will be chosen per week and no Participant will be eligible to win the Weekly prize more than once. However, any Participant who wins a weekly prize may still win the Grand Prize. Weekly Prize will be a hamper comprising a mixed bag of products from the Pedigree range of products containing 4 packs of Pedigree Dry 3kg/2.7kg (Adult/ Puppy variant). If the stated Pedigree products are not available, the Organizer holds the authority to replace them with similar products or any other items from the Pedigree product range. The hamper will be sent to each Weekly winner within 30 days of receiving all the necessary details from the winner as set forth in clause 10 below.

8.2. Grand Prize - From all the entries received during the Contest Period, 8 Participants will be selected for the Grand Prize (“Grand Winners”). These Grand Winners will be awarded a 2-night stay at Coast Boracay, for 2 persons and a dog (10kg or less) plus PHP 10,000 spending money, as set forth below. The photos/video must be engaging, innovative, aesthetic, and effectively express the weekly theme of the specific week in the Participant’s individual 6 Week Journey in the Contest. Below will be parameters to choose the winners:

- Content Creativity - 30%- Creativity of the whole post. Photo of the pet including background, set up, and creativity of caption.

 - Engagement - 20% - number of reactions (likes, hearts, thumbs up, etc.) and comments.

 - Adherence to Weekly Theme - 50% - creativity of the photo of the pet showing influence of the 6wk challenge of pedigree.


More details for Grand prize winners:

  1. Each photo/video must be true to the theme the Participant is following for that week.
  2. If a Participant fulfils the above criteria, their entry will be shortlisted, and the 8 Participants with the most aesthetic and engaging entries will be named Grand Winners. The decisions of the Organizer are at their sole discretion and the Organizers decisions will be considered final.
  3. Each Grand Winner will win a 3 Day 2 Night stay in Coast Boracay for 2 persons and a dog (10kg or less) plus PHP 10,000 spending money and including round trip flights from the closest commercial airport in the Philippines to their home.
  4. Each Grand Winner will be entitled to a Deluxe or Premium Room (single/double occupancy) at Coast Boracay. The Grand Prize must be redeemed within one year from the date of announcement of winners. The Organizer will inform of the fixed periods when notifying the winners.
  5. Any other travel expenses to Coast Boracay and food and beverage expenses incurred through the stay are the sole responsibility of the Participant and will not be borne by the Organizer and/or the Creative Partner.
  6. The Grand Prize winners will be announced by December 1, 2023. Any further details regarding the Grand Prize will be conveyed to the winner(s) individually.
  7. To redeem the Grand Prize, Grand Winners must respond to the Organizer and claim their prize. Should a Grand Winner fail to respond to the Organizer and claim the Grand Prize within the stipulated period, they will, under no circumstances, be eligible to claim to Grand Prize.
  8. Grand Prize winners can take a dog of 10kg and below with crib or cage and leash. Dogs above 10kg will not be permitted at Coast Boracay.
  9. Grand Prize winners must take care of all the pre - requisites for their dog to fly.
  10. Dog permit, screening and pre-requirements needed to travel must be managed by the Grand Prize winners. Any rejection by Airport authority will be responsibility of the Grand Prize winners.
  11. You must be at least 15 years of age and a citizen or permanent resident of Philippines to enter into this Contest. Officers and employees of Organizer and agencies associated with this Contest, and their immediate family members (parents, brothers/sisters, spouse, and children) are not eligible to participate in this contest. Only one entry per person is permitted.
  12. Participants are mandatorily required to share photos/videos on Facebook and Instagram via hashtag #PedigreePH6weekschallenge and tag Pedigree Philippines and upload the details in google form link Pedigree® 6 Weeks Challenge (google.com). Participants can additionally (but not necessarily) share the photos/videos on their Facebook and Instagram handles as well, with the hashtag #PedigreePH6weekschallenge and tag Pedigree Philippines, should they choose to do so.
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